March 19, 2011

The Process Begins!

Charlie went in for his mold casting (at 5 months 2 weeks) :( I had been dreading it and was so worried I would cry harder than him!  He screamed and turned purple while we tried to calm him down, it was pretty horrible.  The good part is that it went by fast and was over before we knew it!  The pictures are sad but I must say they look worse than it really is.  It's definitely not as bad as I imagined!  The DOC Band will be here in a week.. stay tuned!

Dad holding Charlie down

SO sad :(

He managed a little smile

This is the saddest picture.. it doesn't even look like him!

Beginning pictures 44.8 cm..

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  1. Poor guy, we have a DOC band on our LO but we were only given the option of have the DSi image taken. Love the pictures though great for a memory book. Hope his head gets fixed quickly. I also have a blog and I do post some times about my son's helmet but not that often but there are lots of pictures of him with his band. Good luck when he gets his band.