April 18, 2011

6 month pictures

Charlie had his 6 months pictures taken, here are some with his band on..


Week 2

The band is going AWESOME!  The physical therapist was surprised by how much Charlies head has improved already!  Hopefully he doesn't have to wear it much longer but with all this good news... we've been cheating!  His band has been off quite a bit, it just always gets in the way!  It's big and bulky and uncomfortable and hard to snuggle!  He still wears it when he sleeps, which is most important since that's when his head is growing.  I'm going to try really hard this week to keep it on 23 hours a day, I just need to keep thinking- the more he wears it the sooner he gets it off!


April 8, 2011

Week 1

We came to a bump in the road.  The first 4 nights were great and Charlie had no change in his sleep pattern but then we noticed he was getting a red sore above his right cheek where the band was rubbing.  It really started to bother him and looked like it hurt :( he wasn't sleeping good at all and just couldn't get comfortable so we took the band off for a couple of days.. oops!  The physical therapist said it's because he has no neck (poor chubs!) therefore the back of the band is being pushed by his upper back up into his eyes and rubbing on his cheeks.  She suggested putting cortizone on the spot twice a day and she also softened the band on the spot that was rubbing.  Although the band was off for awhile, we still saw progress :) and now it seems to fit perfectly!  The band was on Charlie overnight last night and he slept 11 hours straight!  GO CHARLIE!